Grilled asparagus with miso Mayo

Super easy and simply delicious…

Prep | 5 mins

Cook | 10 mins

Serves | 4 (as a starter)

Mindfulness Factors | Healthy | Plant-Based | Vegan | Dairy-Free | 15 minute meal


Grilled Asparagus:

250g asparagus tips

1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Miso Mayo:

3tbsp tahini

1tbsp miso paste

1tbsp maple syrup or sugar substitute

1tbsp low sodium soy sauce

4tbsp water

1 lemon, juice of


Preheat your grill to high

Place some foil over your grill grate, add the asparagus then drizzle over with the oil and season well. Grill until lightly charred all over (around 5-10 minutes depending on size)

While the asparagus cooks, make the mayo. Add all the ingredients to a small bowl and whisk well to combine. Gradually add the water to thin.

Add a small handful of asparagus to each plate with a generous drizzle of mayo. Absolutely Delicious. Enjoy x

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