Glow up with this VEGAN SALMON & CUCUMBER SUSHI recipe

An awesome easy-to-follow method straight from Japan

Prep | 10 mins

Soak, Drain & Cook | 40 mins (limited hands-on time)

Makes | 15 pieces of sushi

Mindfulness Factors | Healthy | Plant-Based | Dairy-Free | Vegan


125g sushi rice

Cold tap water, couple of cups of

Sushi seasoning:

3tbsp rice wine vinegar / apple cider vinegar

2tbsp equivalent sugar substitute

1tsp salt


50g plant-based salmon fillets, cut into thin strips

1/4 cucumber, deseeded and cut into matchsticks

Serve with:

Low sodium soy sauce

Pickled sushi ginger, thin slices of

Wasabi, thumbnail piece of


Place the sushi rice in a glass bowl and submerge with cold tap water. Stir the grains in a gentle circular motion with your hand then drain in a fine sieve. Repeat this process for approximately 5 minutes or until the water runs clear.

Soak the sushi rice in cold tap water for 15 minutes so that the water is absorbed to the centre of the grain for better cooking

Drain, then add the rice to a pan with 165ml of cold tap water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 mins with the lid on. Turn off the heat and leave to stand for 10 mins with the lid on.

While the rice cools, make the sushi seasoning. Place the ingredients in a pan on low heat until the sugar dissolves. Set aside.

Lightly wet a wooden bowl then add the rice. Using a wooden spoon fold in the seasoning by cutting horizontally through the rice working from top to bottom. Gently fold over the rice rather than stir it as the grains are delicate. Cover the bowl with a damp tea towel and allow the rice to cool at room temperature. 

When it’s at around body temp it’s time to roll…

…place a nori sheet on your bamboo mat and cover the majority with rice leaving a space either end to create a seal. It helps to moisten your hands to prevent the rice from sticking.

Lay some salmon and cucumber sticks along the length around the middle of the rice. Take care not to overfill.

Hold the filling with one hand and with the other start to tightly roll the mat away from you. As you reach the other end lightly wet your fingers and moisten the remaining nori to help it stick. Finish your roll and squeeze to seal. Brush a sharp knife with rice vinegar to prevent it from sticking and cut the roll into 6 pieces. Et voila… sushi! Serve with soy sauce, thin slices of ginger and wasabi.

Eat it straight away as sushi rice doesn’t like the fridge. Absolutely Delicious. Enjoy x

PS. if you’re making ahead you can wrap the roll tightly in cling and store in the fridge but it won’t taste as fresh.

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