In my experience it’s simply a clever marketing ploy used to tempt punters to faraway places. One place where it foots the bill however, is Scorpios in Mykonos. Restaurant. Beach. Shop. Nightclub…

…when put as plainly as that it sounds a little average, a little crass, a sell-out. But, it’s not as clear cut as that. Scorpios isn’t a place, it’s a vibe and it’s more of an aesthetic than a vibe; the kind of place that stylish city dwellers flock to. Well, well-heeled ones anyway, for healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

On to the food and, as you can imagine given my previous comment, main courses are a little pricey (EUR280-for-wagyu-kind-of-pricey) so we opted for a wallet-friendly(ish) selection of healthy sharing plates. Grilled cheese: tagliani with a side of pepper-tomato chutney and pistachios for 16 euros, flame-grilled meatballs with smoked yoghurt & grilled tomato for 18 euros and wood-fired tiger prawns with garlic oil, fresh coriander and chili for 32 euros.

Each dish was simple and fresh without any pretense, in other words, ideal for a relaxed leisurely lunch. Just the way I like it.

So, if you like things pared-back but beautiful and reassuringly expensive, then here’s a place to add to your bucket list for when things return to normal: a throwback to one of my favourite ‘destination venues’, Scorpios.


Paraga, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

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