Well, I wish I hadn’t looked at the weather forecast. 10 solid days ofrain. Urgh. the dampness really isn’t great for our heating bills. The houseis old and poorly insulated so we need the heating on constantly to feel anywarmth. On the eating front, it also means that stews are back on the menu. IthoughtContinue reading “SPICED RED LENTIL STEW WITH ROAST CABBAGE LEAVES.”

Curried carrot & parsnip soup

while the weather seems to be warming up after all that snow, the nights are still a little chilly around here. there’s always a fire crackling away somewhere in the house and supper is usually a warming bowl of soup. Prep | 10 minutes Cook | 20 minutes Serves | 4 INGREDIENTS Step 1: 1tbspContinue reading “Curried carrot & parsnip soup”

Butternut squash with ricotta, spinach & pine nuts.

the weather’s been crazy up here lately, one day i’m knee-deep in snow drifts and the next i’m enjoying lunch al fresco in the garden…it certainly tunes the senses. talking of the weather, when it’s warm enough to dust off the barbecue i’ll be grilling the squash in this recipe. the combination of sweetness andContinue reading “Butternut squash with ricotta, spinach & pine nuts.”

Asian-inspired Red apple & coconut milk soup

feels like we’ve gone back a season with the weather, doesn’t it? it’s definitely soup weather. so here’s what i made today, asian-inspired red apple & coconut milk. the smell as it cooks is something else. and best of all it’s ready in 20 minutes… Prep | 5 mins. Cook | 15 mins. Serves |Continue reading “Asian-inspired Red apple & coconut milk soup”

vegan sausage, apple & potato one pan roast

for me this is as good as comfort food gets…cosy, satisfying, and delicious yet easy to make. with just 10 minutes of hands-on time here’s the ‘vegan sausage, apple & potato one pan roast’… INGREDIENTS for the dressing, whisk together… METHOD

mixed salad leaves with smashed avocado dressing.

so here is today’s side salad that i made for our poached eggs on toast. it tastes ridiculously creamy and indulgent thanks to the smashed avocado dressing, which you can make while the eggs poach for a delicious brunch in under 10 minutes. and here’s how to do it. prepare one ripe avocado and thinlyContinue reading “mixed salad leaves with smashed avocado dressing.”

Baked potato with a simple curry.

POV: curry’s are great aren’t they? it was the tail-end of the week and i was scratching my head thinking about what to make with odd bits of veg. and i settled on a curry because they’re so tasty and simple to make. quickly fry up some curry powder, add your veg and chopped tomatoes,Continue reading “Baked potato with a simple curry.”

Quick & easy midweek curry.

if you’re looking for a no-hassle and delicious curry then this is the recipe for you. INGREDIENTS. Step 1. ⁃ 1 swede, peeled and cut into cubes. ⁃ 2 carrots, as above. ⁃ 1x 400 ml tin of coconut milk. ⁃ 1x 400 ml tin of chopped tomatoes. ⁃ heaped 2tbsp garam masala. Step 2.Continue reading “Quick & easy midweek curry.”

Ratatouille & grilled halloumi

this is the easiest ratatouille you’re going to make. it’s a delicious 30 minute meal with just 5 ingredients and no fuss. and if you have the time this great midweek meal can be cooked for longer for a deeper, richer, sauce. Prep | 5 mins. Cook | 25 mins. Serves | 4. INGREDIENTS. 1xContinue reading “Ratatouille & grilled halloumi”