Ratatouille & grilled halloumi

this is the easiest ratatouille you’re going to make. it’s a delicious 30 minute meal with just 5 ingredients and no fuss. and if you have the time this great midweek meal can be cooked for longer for a deeper, richer, sauce.

Prep | 5 mins.

Cook | 25 mins.

Serves | 4.


1x aubergine, thinly sliced.

250g cherry tomatoes, halved.

1x400g tin of chopped tomatoes.

1tbsp oregano.

75g halloumi (vegan option if you like).

Chilli flakes (optional), to garnish


preheat your oven to 230C. add everything but the halloumi to a large roasting tin and cook for 20 minutes. add the halloumi and grill for 5 minutes. job done! serve alongside a nice green salad and big hunks of sourdough.

ps. cook for up to an hour for a lovely rich sauce. check occasionally and add a splash of water as necessary.

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