Heathy(ish) Chocolate Blondie.

it’s dessert time. and it’s valentines day tomorrow so i thought i’d share my favourite recipe for healthy chocolate blondies. because who doesn’t love chocolate? and these vegan blondies are healthier than most. i use maple syrup to replace refined sugar, peanut butter instead of traditional butter and porridge oats as an alternative to plain flour for those on a gluten free diet. so they’re less naughty — but nice — and ready in just 30 minutes…

Prep | less than 5 mins.

Bake | 15 mins.

Set | 5-10 mins.

Makes | 8 generous pieces or 16 small ones.


⁃ 150g smooth peanut butter, melted (see method).

⁃ 4tbsp maple syrup.

⁃ 1tbsp vanilla essence.

⁃ 400ml tin of coconut milk.

⁃ 300g porridge oats.

⁃ 40g sultanas, chopped.

⁃ 40g apricots, chopped.

⁃ 40g mixed nuts, chopped.


⁃ 100g vegan dark chocolate, melted (see method).


⁃ zap the peanut butter in the microwave to loosen (it should take around two 30 second zaps). add the wet ingredients and stir. Tip in the dry ingredients and mix well to combine. place in an ovenproof tin and bake at 180C for 15 mins or until the edges are starting to brown. in the last few minutes, zap the chocolate in the microwave (like the peanut butter). pour over the blondie and smooth with a spoon. leave the chocolate to harden at room temperature (around 5-10 mins) then cut in to pieces.

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