20 min gnocchi

Fancy a super-comforting supper on these chilly autumn nights? Try this seasonal recipe made with root vegetables for lovely little gnocchi 🍂 🥘 🍽 They’re crispy on the outside and super-fluffy on the inside…

Prep | 5 mins

Cook | around 15 mins

Serves | 4

Mindfulness Factors | quick & easy | healthy – part of your ‘5 a day’ | 5 ingredients/packets | plant-based | vegan | 20 minute meal


⁃ 450g prepared diced carrot & swede

⁃ 80g plain flour of choice (eg gluten-free)

⁃ 1tbsp vegetable oil

⁃ 1/2tsp dried rosemary

⁃ 30g vegan Parmesan, grated


⁃ Boil the vegetables for 10 minutes then throughly drain and add to a food processor along with the flour and pulse until smooth

⁃ Dust a large plate with a little flour

⁃ Use two tea spoons to shape some mixture into a small oval (a ‘quenelle’) then add to the plate. The recipe should make around 25x pieces

⁃ Heat the oil and rosemary in a large pan and fry the gnocchi in batches, for a couple of mins either side until golden. Serve warm with a good shaving of vegan parm. Pairs well with warm wilted winter greens 🥬



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