#AD | Pasta tricolore

OK friends, who’s heard of fregula pasta? Yeah me neither! Surprising, as it’s been popular in Sardinia for over several hundred years…

Similar in looks to giant couscous there’s a theory it came about because of Sardinia’s proximity to North Africa. However, that’s hotly disputed by Sardinians, who are fiercely protective of their food culture…

Slightly nutty from the toasting process, fregula pairs well with stews and broths as the little grains of pasta soak up the sauce. It also works really well in a pasta salad, as the dressing clings to the ridges on the pasta…

Prep | less than 5 mins

Cook | 10 mins

Serves | 4

Mindfulness Factors | healthy | plant-based | vegan | dairy-free | 15 minute meal


250g @pastamorelli fregula tostata

2tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 brown onion, thinly sliced

40g cherry tomatoes, halved

2.5 tbsp capers

200g vegan mozzarella, cut until small cubes

3tbsp reserved pasta water

A few mixed lettuce leaves, to garnish


Cook the pasta in salted water for around 10 mins, or until ‘al dente’. Meanwhile heat the oil in a large frying pan and cook the onion until softened (around 5 mins) then tip in 2tbsp of capers (washed to remove excess salt) and the chopped tomatoes then sauté for a further 5 mins. Drain the pasta (retaining 3tbsp pasta water) then stir into the tomatoes along with the reserved water. Turn off the heat then stir in half the vegan mozzarella until melted along with the remaining capers (don’t wash these). Serve with the remaining mozzarella and a few mixed lettuce leaves.

PS. Thank you to the lovely people at @thesecretsanctumshop for organising everything

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