Marshmallow Crispies

Super-easy and fun to make; super-tasty to eat! 😋

Prep | 5 mins

Chill | around an hour

Makes | around 24 squares

Mindfulness Factors | quick & easy treat| 3 ingredients | 5 min prep | plant-based


⁃ 100g plant-based butter

⁃ 100g sugar-free marshmallows

⁃ 200g puffed rice cereal


Place some parchment in a large baking tin

Melt the butter and marshmallows in a large saucepan (the extra space is needed to fold in the cereal) over low heat until fully combined then fold in the cereal

Spoon into your tin and press down firmly with a smaller baking tin or large glass tumbler (you may need to wet them if it’s very sticky)

Whack in the fridge for around an hour until set then cut either into squares (like mine) or bars. Decorate as you like (I suggest a drizzle of chocolate or scattered with your favourites treats) then stack on a large sharing platter (think I miss Tetris 🧱🕹👾)

Store in an airtight container at room temp for upto 3 days

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