#ad plant-based sushi 🌱 with #gifted @fullgreen.official

PLANT-BASED SUSHI | riced cauliflower with carrot, cucumber & marinated aubergine wrapped in char-grilled leaves

Prep | 10 mins

Cook | 20 mins

Serves | 4

Mindfulness Factors | healthy | plant-based | vegan | low-carb | dairy-free | gluten-free | refined sugar-free | 30 minute meal


⁃ 1x 200g packet of riced cauliflower (I happily used the gifted Fullgreen Riced Cauliflower because the packet says that it’s ‘100% plant based’ – see photo below)

⁃ 2 small aubergines, grilled

⁃ 1 carrot, peeled and cut into thin sticks

⁃ 1/2 cucumber, cored and cut into thin sticks

sushi rice seasoning:

⁃ 1tbsp apple cider vinegar

⁃ 1/4tsp maple syrup

⁃ 1/4tsp fine sea salt

sushi wrapper:

⁃ 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

⁃ 1x head of romaine lettuce, leaves only (makes around 4 large and 4 small wrappers), grilled

aubergine marinade:

⁃ 1tbsp sesame seeds, toasted for 3 mins in a dry pan (allow to cool)

⁃ 2tbsp soy sauce

⁃ 1tbsp maple syrup

⁃ 1/2tsp harissa spice


⁃ set your grill to high and prick the aubergine all over. grill for 20 minutes until softened and charred on the outside. set aside to cool

⁃ while the aubergine cooks, make your sushi rice and sushi wrapper…

⁃ for the rice, whisk the sushi rice seasoning ingredients in a small bowl. zap the riced cauliflower in the microwave (around 2 mins) and allow to fully cool. gently fold the seasoning into the rice, taking care not to mash the grains. set aside

⁃ for the wrapper, place the romaine leaves on some foil with the outer leaf facing up, drizzle over with olive oil and grill for around 5 mins or until softened with some char. set aside to cool

⁃ in a small bowl, whisk the aubergine marinade

⁃ once cooled, slice the aubergine in half and make three or four cuts lengthways in each half (you’re aiming for 1cm wide strips). make an incision one end and pull the aubergine away from the skin. place the strips in the marinade

⁃ to build the sushi, place the romaine leaf lengthways, char-side down, on a large chopping board or plate. add the sushi rice and spread it evenly, leaving a 1cm border. press the rice down with the back of a spoon. arrange the aubergine, carrot and cucumber in a line down the middle. start to roll taking the leaf closest to you and roll over the ingredients and away from you. squeeze tightly as you roll. when you get to the other end, dip your finger in water and brush the border to make the seal and finish the roll. repeat with the remaining wrappers

⁃ once rolled, use a sharp knife to cut into 1cm slices

⁃ arrange on a serving platter with pickled ginger and wasabi and watch everyone hoover them up! The umami from the grilled romaine leaves is so good! 🤤…

PS. thank you to the lovely people at @fullgreen.official for the gifted bits’n’bobs 👍

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