A Delicious Cream Tea with vegan cream


Prep | 10 mins

Cook | 20 mins

Makes | 8-10 scones

(timings are for shop-bought jam)

Mindfulness Factors | vegetarian | gluten-free | cane sugar-free | 30 min cake



• 450g gluten-free self-raising flour

• 2tsp baking powder

• 50g equivalent sugar substitute*

• 2 oz sultanas (optional)

• 85g butter, at room temperature

• 2 eggs

• 230ml milk

Vegan Cream:

• 25g equivalent sugar substitute*

• 125g vegan cream cheese

Strawberry Jam:

• 200g strawberries, diced

• 1tbsp water

• 1tbsp equivalent sugar substitute*

*check substitution measurements on your packet


If you’re making the jam, bring the strawberries and water to the boil in a saucepan with the lid on and simmer for 15 mins. Mash with a fork then cook on low for 30 mins until reduced by around a half. Add the sugar substitute to taste. Set aside to cool

For the scones, mix the eggs and milk and reserve 2tbsp to glaze the scones before baking. Place some parchment paper on a large baking tray and use a little butter to stick down the corners. Add the flour, baking powder and butter to a food processor and blend to a crumble. Add the sugar substitute and sultanas. Get your eggy-milk handy, start the food processor and slowly add the milk in a thin drizzle and process to a sticky dough. Lightly dust a 5cm scone cutter with flour, place it on the baking tray and spoon in the batter. For regular scones, fill around three-quarters full. For tall ones, fill to around 1cm over the top. Hold the cutter just above the tray and press down with the spoon to release the scone to the tray (takes a bit of effort! work around the cutter with the spoon). Repeat to make 8 large scones or 10 regular ones. Glaze with the eggy milk

To cook the large ones (like in my photos), bake them for 10 mins in the centre of the oven to get that lovely golden colour. Then cover with parchment and cook for around another 10 minutes, to fully cook the centre. If you’re making regular-sized ones simply cook uncovered for 10-15 mins. When the scones are ready, allow them to cool on a wire rack covered with a clean tea towel

While the scones cook, make the vegan cream. Whizz the ingredients with an electric whisk on high until thickened (a couple of mins) and set aside for later

Cut the scones in half and spread thickly with cream, followed by a dollop of strawberry jam. Serve the tea, hot, and the scones, warm. Absolutely delicious – enjoy x

PS. before you go, do you prefer cream or jam first on your scone? 🤔 😋

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