How to make a vegan alternative to cows milk (psst – it’s easy!)

Prep | 5 mins

Soak | approx 4 hours

Makes | around 375ml

Mindfulness Factors | Healthy | Plant-Based | Dairy-Free | Vegan


50g oats

375 cold tap water


Tip the oats in a bowl, coat with water and cover with a tea towel. Leave for at least 4 hours in a cool place but not the fridge

Rinse the oat mix under the tap using a sieve. The oats should be nice and creamy after their long soak

Empty the oats into a blender with 375ml of cold tap water and blend for 3 mins

Place a fine sieve over a bowl and pour in the milk. Repeat several times discarding any sediment. For an even better result place a clean muslin in the sieve and leave to strain (30 mins-1hr)

It’ll keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Shake well before use as it’ll separate after a while, but that’s completely normal

To make more milk simply maintain the ratio of oats to water. Absolutely Delicious. Enjoy x

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